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Tuesday, August 28, 2007 Y 7:38 AM

Mon and Tues are precious times with Mr Lim after not seeing him for so long! And this week is a happy week too because Ivy is back home to Singapore too! Haha, the office is back to being noisy again with her around! Plus, Bonnie announced that she got a proposal from her bf!

I finished my exams scripts but 1/4 of the class didn't meet the borderline, which was quite depressing, but the lecturer said that was kinda expected for those grades. So I was more relieved after that. I got good feedback for my module evaluation too, except that I speak too soft.

Funny lil thing happened today, got hit on a by a little boy in school, thinking that I'm some student too. Wonder what would be his reaction if I told him I was a lecturer?

Haha, Mr Lim probably will go and whack him with all his might huh.....Hahaha like I wish, my bf where got so nice to go whack other people who hit on me right? Haha but I will be very happy if he does voice out he will go whack that fellow.

This reminded me of what Shawn said last Sat, when I told him I was going for teaching, he looked at me in shock. He said no one will be focusing on my teaching, but will be focusing on me instead. I don't know that is a compliment or is that an insult. Then when I told him that my students didn't do so well, he was like "See, I told you they are focusing on you" and asked me whether my class got alot of guys. And when I said my class are majority filled up with girls, he said "see, they are lesbians". Hmmph!!!!!

Got to see a patient who has multiple fractures going for physical rehab today. I was supposed to write a report and I freak! I totally couldn't remember anything much about physical. Luckily I didn't need to assess for MMT or what, just do functional assessment. Phew.

Hee, ate very nice frog porridge today, courtesy of Mr Lim. In case you are wondering that he made it, nah, we had it in AMK central. Mr Lim is not so good in cooking, he only knows how to eat, and I really mean that. But it's okay la, even if you are fat, I still like you okie? Hahaha.


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