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Thursday, August 16, 2007 Y 8:24 AM

It's Grandma's death anniversary today, the 1st anniversary since she passed away last year. Time really passes by real fast. It felt like just yesterday that we went through that horrible experience of losing someone closed to us in the family. In just a blink of eye, one year has passed and we are now holding her anniversary instead. Those times that we used to spend with her, being raised up with her, taken care by her. It was a very simple ceremony, just went to my uncle's house to offer prayers and burn paper money and clothes and other stuff for her. Then the whole family had a simple lunch together.

I missed Granny, was sleeping with Lat on my bed yesterday night and I suddenly remember memories of her taking care of me. Somehow, I grew up so fast and she grew old so fast. Words can't describe how sad I felt yesterday, and I teared as I think of her. Although it was like so long after she passed away, sometimes we still get emo when thinking about her. That's how people impact upon your life so deeply. You still feel alot for them even if they are no longer in your life.

Emo day today.....and some thoughts are bothering me too. Sigh.


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