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Wednesday, August 8, 2007 Y 9:01 AM

Inconsiderate dog owners should seriously be banned from rearing dogs. Stupid dog owners that let their dogs shit all around the place, especially shit and mess up half of the lift. How can people even use the lifts like that?! They should have their dogs shit on them, mess up their whole body when they shit on them.

I simply cannot stand some people whom, according to XM, I should term them as the female dog. Do so many things for them and yet they still want to criticize you on any single fault they can find. If they think their life is miserable and every single sec, they have to come into my room to rant to us, my life is even more miserable, having to hear all this and break my brains trying to solve the problems. If you rant to other people, other people rant to me, so in the end, I hear like 10 people ranting to me, and who do I rant to? The wall?

And I sickeningly tired of changing the stupid TA timetable over and over again. I don't even know whether I'm running 2 sports groups now or I need to run a Job preparation group. Which if I am running, it starts next Monday? This is shit, I am not even given time to prepare for the group. People really think that I'm almighty or genius leh, that I can pull through shit just by using my brains in one day.

Guess what? My ward MO is super nice. This is like the first time a doctor came and ask me "Shirley, do you think I'm very harsh to write this in the case notes?". Seriously, a doctor asking an OT for opinion! Whopee, most doctors wouldn't even give you any notice or bother about your comments at all. And any doctors who care about an OT's opinion is a good doctor, ahahaha. And how he has to stand my persistent chasing him around to create a memo for my patient.

The consultant was really nice too! He bothered to explain every single case to me after the patient left the room. He even asked for my input and comments. And the other 2 MOs are super duper nice too, they are so friendly and keen on OT's opinions. Guess I'm gg to like my wards after all yeah!

P.S: The 1st mentioned MO was being targetted by Bonnie to be Ivy's potential target.

P.S: To the one who said the word "exclusively", if you are dumb, then I don't know what I am, I still have to check the dictionary for a certain word.


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