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Saturday, August 25, 2007 Y 9:07 AM

I'm feeling really tired from marking scripts.

Good thing was that I still managed to wake up to attend Kar Lock's farewell lunch. Although I was up real late, luckily I got woken up by hedgie's call.

Managed to make it to Cafe Cartel at Bishan at 2pm. KL was already there and Kris juz arrived. Haha, got my belated birthday prezzie from KL and belated thank you gift from Kris for our help in her wedding last year. KL's prezzie is with Dede, so we couldn't give her any present today but we treated her to lunch. It seemed like ages that I seen them and I was so glad to have this farewell lunch with them. Hopefully KL will do well her masters in HK!

Lol, Kris said her student asked her whether she knows me and when Kris replied that we are even in the same batch, her student was very shock. Kris said she didn't dare to ask her why she is so shocked about it as she is afraid that her student will tell her that "why is she so old and I'm so young". Haha, I was secretly hoping that she didn't ask in case the answer is "why I'm so old and she is so young".

Haha this reminded me of one incident whereby I went to school for classes and I was in the lift and one nursing lecturer came in and asked me why I didn't wear my lanyard. So I said: "Oh ok, sorry" and took out my staff lanyard. When she saw my lanyard, she was like "Oh, you are teaching here ah?" and I replied "It's compulsory for staff to wear lanyard is it? I'm sorry I didn't know that as I was part time". Fortunately, the lift door opened and I said bye before she could reply.

Went to Yishun to exchange for the t shirt that Kar Lock gave me. It was a lil small yeah, haha, she really has confidence in me that I'm small, bought me an S size. Managed to change it to M (I think I'm seriously growing fat as compared to JC times, when I'm still an S size, or am I growing old and prefer less tight fitting clothes?). Pop back to Causeway point to meet my cousins for a movie. The guys wanted to watch Secret and I didn't mind watching it again so we caught the movie again.

Was trying to search for the soundtrack but it's all sold out and I heard it's only Limited Edition. So if you can find it, please tell me asap okie? I really want the soundtrack!


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