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Saturday, August 18, 2007 Y 9:11 AM

I saw a really weird couple today when I was having desserts with my cousins at Pizza Hut at Lot 1. I suppose they are cosplaying, cause they are wearing similar costumes, that's black and white and they had lotsa chains around them.

The guy actually had like a dog collar with chains on it, linked to his wrist band...which is linked to the gf's wrist band....so basically they are chained together. Are they like afraid that each other will run away? Siao, even if one of them wants to run away from the other person, a chain is not going to stop them.

Plus, the guy had his nails painted black...and I think he put on kohl on his eyes....he looked like a woman and I thought he was actually a woman and that they are lesbians. Until we tried very hard to eavedrop on their conversation and he sounded real manly...those man voices which can't really be a female voice.

It's interesting how people dress up like that...and since they are dress up like that, they are obviously asking for attention. So I'm not wrong to keep looking at them and commenting on them.

I didn't get to have my dim sum today, so I contented myself with tomato ramen from Ajisen ramen. At least, it kinda make up for my craving for dim sum. I think the tomato ramen in Hougang Mall taste nicer than the one at Lot 1. Seriously Lot 1 Ajisen Ramen sucks big time. The food is totally off as compared to other branches. Even the lemon tea was so sour.

Pizza hut is even worse, they served us this frizzy delight drink as their lemon tea maker burst and couldn't give us lemon tea...and I felt like I was drinking plain water although it's supposed to be soda.

I thought I was the only crazy person who found the food tasteless since I was in a bad mood but I'm normal after all. My cousins found it horrible too. Haha. Lucky me.


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