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Friday, August 10, 2007 Y 11:06 AM

I remember telling my bf that there was this Malaysian male singer that was robbed and raped by 2 guys, and he was like "Is he gay? He can't even fight off 2 guys?!". I suppose he must be very proud and confident that he can fight off 2 guys.

Turns out that when I read the newspapers a few days later, it was actually 10 guys that tried to robbed the male singer and 5 raped him. And the oldest suspect was 40 y.o and the youngest suspect is 12 y.o (i certainly hope the 12 y.o didn't rape the singer). Now, I'm pretty sure my bf wouldn't think he is gay now, try asking Mr Lim to fight off ten guys and have 5 guys raping him, I'm pretty certain he isn't gay either right?

Btw, what has the world gone to? 10 males suspects trying to rob 1 bloody person?! You need bloody 10 persons to rob one guy????? 10????? Omg, it's either they are too lousy or they are too amateur yeah, and fancy having 5 guys raping the poor fella, and if the 12 y.o raped him too, the world certainly has been too corrupted.

I say, guys out there better be careful, the world has certainly taken a change in preference, with guys raping guys instead of females now. And, it's not one guy that conducts the rape, it's multiple guys. Better learn to protect your ass and pick up some self defense skills that will help you fight off 5 rapists and 10 robbers.


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