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Friday, August 10, 2007 Y 9:18 AM

I just caught "Secrets", directed by Jay Chou, written by Jay Chou and starring Jay Chou. Seriously, I wasn't expecting it to be very nice considering that it's written by him (although yeah I know he is supposingly very talented). Truth is, it turned out be a real surprise. It was very nice, very sweet, very heart warming, a twisted ending and beautiful music throughout the whole show.

I must say he impressed me this time, with the story and as well as his acting. He was much better than his character in Initial D, whereby he doesn't talk much. This movie, he was more cheeky, more youthful, more cute and more decent for people to like him. This, should be how Jay Chou should be like.

I like Huang Chiu Sheng though. He's so mellow down in the show but every appearance, he just catches your attention. A father who cares for his son alot.

A good story to catch it with your loved ones, hee hee, Mr Lim, you should seriously watch it. Jay reminded me of you yeah! Ahaha, you are like him in the movie, not the real Jay Chou okie, because I don't like the real Jay Chou.


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