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Monday, August 13, 2007 Y 9:12 PM

I had lunch with the OT Office 2 girls and Joyce, and their fellow bfs on Sunday, at Cafe Cartel. Had my beloved pork chops again! Yummy Yummy!

It was supposed to be meet LS's session but ended up as "suaning" Ivy's session haha. Even Ivy kept saying that we kept teasing her. Pls, she's like so blur, dun even know what we are talking about.

It was quite a good session, we haven't gather for so long and work wise, we haven't really got a chance to chat much, and we haven't seen LS for sometime too.

Haha, Mr Lim is a hedgehog btw.....according to Ivy.......and Bonnie and Eddy is real happy that they found someone even greater than them in terms of sleeping skills.

Had lunch with Ivy, Bonnie and Eunice on Monday at Ajisen. Guess what? They were talking about relationships and I found out lots of juicy news huh huh. I had my tomato ramen! Yummy yummy, the tomato soup is so so so so so so nice. I love tomatoes yeah!

Oh, did I tell you I have nice yoghurt at my house too? Courtesy of Mr Lim.

And I have sore eyes on both eyes, Bonnie asked me whether I look like a rabbit. Nah, I have perfectly normal eyes, just infected on the upper eye lids. Early stage, not like a rabbit yet.


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