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Friday, August 24, 2007 Y 10:24 AM

10 reasons that I hate being a leader:

1. You have to fork out your own money for events first, as little as few bucks to as more as few hundred bucks (I really mean few hundred).

2. You have to always update the department fund monthly, which is about figures again.

3. You have to constantly be bugged by external department big shots and you go back to bug your staff.

4. You have to ensure that people actually meet the department objectives and set datelines.

5. You have to hold countless meetings.

6. You have to attend countless meetings.

7. You spend more time doing admin work and your boss expects you to meet clinical load.

8. You get to hear alot of people complaining to you.

9. You have to attend to those complains.

10. You have to come up with new ideas to spoon feed your staff.

I haven't found anything appealing in being a leader, despite of the monetary increment, which is too little to account for the huge increase in workload.

10 reasons I hate marking exam scripts

1. You have no idea what they are writing about.

2. They crossed out the right answers and write rubbish answers.

3. They come up with weird names that sounds like the correct one but totally different meaning.

4. They answer the question totally wrongly.

5. They smoke their way through but end up writing rubbish.

6. They write one whole chunk of long answers but turns up that everything is wrong.

7. They write long answers for something short and something short for long answers.

8. They write everything together without spacing or paragraphing.

9. They explained alot but it's all about the same thing.

10. They attempt to write one sentence for an answer that they don't know but the answer is wrong anyway.

You know, I enjoyed marking those that:
1. Doesn't write anything at all, cause I can just score them zero.
2. Or they answer everything correctly.

P.S: The biggest reason why I hate marking exam scripts is because I'm only given 2 evenings and 2 full weekend days (Sat and Sun) to mark the scripts. Who the hell marks scripts fully on weekend? I know I don't have a weekend but still, who does that?

Update: I have marked question one and three, only the killer question two have not been touched. I don't even want to see that seeing how badly they perform for the 2 questions.

Plus, my students who are attached to me in Sept will totally hate me if they failed the paper or did badly. I was trying to look out for scholars when I was marking the paper but hmmm, I don't see anyone who answers the questions perfectly so far, except two.

My TPM targets are really really alot and long this year, I have so much rubbish that I have to fulfil...clinical, admin, quality improvement, supervisory. I don't even know whether I can meet it. Plus, my boss kept bugging me to submit my application for Masters and she wants me to do it for Nov (compulsory since I missed the last two). She even gave me contacts on whom to speak to. I don't even have time to manage myself, my patients and my staff now, where got time to study?


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