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Friday, July 20, 2007 Y 7:20 PM

Met up with Yoges, Azi and Lee Sian yesterday at Causeway point. LS called and asked whether we want to have dinner and since Yog and I are gg out with Azi, we asked her to come along. She's such a jolly good being to say "Yes" too! So the 4 of us went to have dinner at Delifrance. I was stuck between the choice of curry baked rice or prawns spaghetti so I asked Yoges to pick one. In the end, she picked the prawns spag and it turned out that besides prawns, there were alot alot of fish meat inside too. The whole thingy only smelled like fish and tasted like fish and I don't like the smell. So I added lotsa and lotsa and lotsa of cheese powder and added chilli powder to dilute the smell and taste and well, it basically tasted like cheesy tomato spaghetti.

Went over to Gelare afterwards to have dessert! I had a Cookies Craze, wow it's was like so super huge! And it has an Orea cookie, one cookie coated waffle biscuit, and cookies and cream ice cream. Yummy yummy! And Yog and Azi gave me a necklace, a very pretty flower necklace made of white gold! So sweet of them, thank you! Yoges was really very stupid at Gelare, kept doing stupid and crazy stuff, and tried to imitate me on the phone too. Although her imitation sucks, I don't talk like a small little girl ahahaha.

Saw Mr Lim afterwards, ahahaha, don't you know you look very stupid holding on to the retro umbrella and trying to use it to attack me? Hahaha, purposely ask you to hold the umbrella so you look stupid wahahaha but since you are having such a good time, trying to use it to attack me, thou shall not refrain you.

And we had ice cream at our house again! Wahaha! And someone is so PIGGY.....zzzzzzzzz.........snore.........zzzzzzzzz.........snore...........haha who will have the heart to wake up someone who is sounding like that right?


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