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Tuesday, July 17, 2007 Y 9:24 AM

It was an interesting day today, cuz something happened and I found it like pretty weird.

Anyway what happened was that Yoges and I had to sort out some logistics problems with a new upcoming project. It was an inpatient project but we had to involve the outpatients in helping out with payment collection. So there were some thrash out of some ideas and uncertainty. Later in the night, Yoges messaged me and said she was sorry that she rejected my idea (well actually not my idea, it's boss and Estates people's idea) and she hoped that it doesn't affects our relationship.

I was kinda appalled to receive the msg as it totally didn't occur to me that I should feel offended by it. I meant work is work, personal relationships is another thing. Why should I be angry that she rejected the idea? Either I was really blur or I really don't care about it. Anyway I had too much of a day, running from cafe to NYP then back to office for tons and tons of meetings.

My days now are just filled with meetings and meetings and meetings. I haven't even handed over my current clinical caseload and I have to attend lotsa of meetings. My boss thinks we are super robots, can handle so much shit at one time. Anyway I was real pissed today after a meeting, I don't understand why are TAs rotated when we are developing new programs and we need the expertise. By rotating people with this expertise out, how does it helps us? Now we are faced with the shit of having to steal manpower from each another because we need to tap on their expertise.

Anyway, I got a new phone! Nokia E65! Check it out!


And I tried my new shoes today, they ache yeah, but at least I don't have to run with elephant feet now hee hee.


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