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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 Y 3:42 AM

Is this like a breaking up season or what? People around me are all having relationships problems or breaking up. Nah, they aren't my close bunchie of friends but still it surprised me that they broke up with their partners. I have known them for long, and although we may not be close but I know that they have been dating their partners for quite some time. And it's surprising that one moment when I read through their blogs, they are still like very happy with their partners, and the next moment, BANG, they broke up.

And the funny thing is, I keep seeing this popping up "Feelings have faded for each other". Shudders to myself, isn't this scary? To reach a stage where your feelings have faded and you break up because of that? Does that goes to say that love doesn't exist once you don't have feelings for each other anymore? And I really don't understand, because I saw snippets of like couples going out together, having fun, doing sweet things for each other, but then they break up the next minute because feelings don't exist anymore.

Well, at least my close bunch of friends are surviving well on their relationships and I'm glad.

On a lighter note, I had my Jap pork cutlet noodle again, yeah yum yum. And I snack so much on Sat (which I know why I ate so much now). Plain non stop eating, kept feeling hungry. I ate the noodles, some chawanmushi, jap little doughnuts, ya kun kaya toast and eggs. My bf probably think I'm a pig or I'm nuts to eat so much. Bought sports attire too!

And I played pool with my cousins on Sun. Seriously, I really suck when I first played it. Ken and Shawn were like yawning away, watching Min and me play, like 15 minutes without hitting any balls in. Well, that doesn't means women sucks okay, cuz the 2nd round of the game, we picked up the technique and ended our game in a short while! Hee hee, and when we challenged the boys, we lose one round, but came close for the second round (except that the black ball went into the wrong pocket). Nevertheless, we cleared all the balls! Ahahaha, while the boys still have some balls to clear on the tables.

I won them in Daytona too! Yippee, haha, considering that I'm pretty lousy and I can only drive with auto gear. Heh heh, and my bf sucks in Daytona 2....ahahahaha!

Westmall pasta mania sucks btw, don't ever go there to eat. They don't know what is called taste and what is called delicious.

Caught The Simpsons yesterday. It's the epitome of madness and crappiness. Haha, but it's really funny, the crap jokes that they created. I bet my bf likes the Bart Simpson's sliding on the skateboard part. Well, I don't have to bet, I'm definitely sure he likes it. And he keeps going on about the spider pig song. Crazy dude.

Did I mentioned that I finished Harry Potter?

Edited: Yes, I have green tea ice cream on Sat too, thanks to someone for reminding it. Are you like counting what I'm eating? No wonder you kept saying I'm fat.


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