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Monday, July 16, 2007 Y 9:44 AM

I met up with Cy and Xw yesterday for a few birthday celebrations. Ting and HL didn't turned up in the end as they are both sick, think the sickness bug is going on real strong, I just recovered from it and heard that many others are sick with either cough, fever or sore throat too.

We went to Cafe De Amigo at Funan Centre, heard from Cy that they sell quite nice food. Gave CY her prezzie, I bought her a Paul and Joe lip gloss and the blotter paper with a pretty flowery packaging. Hee, really like the packaging of Paul & Joe stuff, so decided to buy it for her. Turns out that Xw also gave me lip gloss and blusher for my birthday gift and Cy gave me a sports bra (very good, I can start exercising with new shoes and new sports bra). Ting didn't turned up but send Yuanlin down to pass me my present, a pretty bag with butterfly. And Xw and me also pass him her present.

I had a set lunch, some chicken chop thing, with mushroom soup, bread and tea. We also order tiramisu and lemon souffle. The food is not bad, the soup is really mushroomy and the desserts were nice! They even have live Jazz band performance on certain days.

Mr Lim is pretty stupid, bought 2 vcds that is going to show on SCV, ahahaha, and one of it was so boring. At least the last vcd that he got was 300 and it's good, though the other Chinese movie is also not bad.

Yeah and I went to my beloved Phin steakhouse to have my ribeye steak today. Haha, the garlic bread is yummylicious!!!! Oooh and the ice cream too! And I tried this dessert shop just next to it. Too bad, I could eat the whole shop if I'm not full! I LOVE DESSERTS! I still got 2 more Ben & Jerry Ice Creams in my fridge, kekeke.

Hehe, surprisingly I should get fat from eating so much right? But I didn't ah, poor someone got fat instead....hahahah evil grinz, too bad for him lo.


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