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Tuesday, July 3, 2007 Y 6:46 AM

I hate my students, they are RUDE...they talk when in class when you are talking. They talk extremely loud. They don't bother to follow instructions.

But I'm so relieved that another lecturer feels the same as me. Lol, so I'm not the only idiot feeling this way.

There are nice students who are cute too.

I hate XXXXXXXX and I hate *******, no they are not my students, I just hate things and those people. I hate myself too.

Well there are times I love myself too. I think I'm very smart today cuz I taught well today.

I hate guys cuz they are such jerks sometimes. I hate them for hurting girls and making them sad.

Someone told me that her ex told her that: She's not giving herself respect by still going after him when he wants to break up. C'mon la, you bloody two timed her behind her back, and you don't bother to give a proper explanation and you just break up like that, you didn't even meet her or call her.

You are a big time jerk. If you like the other girl so much, go la, who cares? My friend is better enough to have brains rather to trust and be with someone like you. My friend knew this girl existed but she tot it was his friend as he always tell her that he's going out with her as friends. You can't freaking trust guys yeah, they tell you this but another thing happened behind your back. So much for "we are just friends, no chemistry, nothing much". My poor friend, I think she must be really sad.

And you know what he freaking said, he said "She's such a nice girl to be with me after all these things happened. She's so nice to be like this as compared to you". WTF, go to hell, you are such a big time loser.

You know, this make things look really demoralising.


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