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Sunday, July 1, 2007 Y 8:14 PM

I had a really tiring weekend! Been running around the whole 2 days. I have blogged about Saturday and you could see that I'm rushing around. Lol, Jayson said he had a physical hangover from Sat's match, cuz he was so tired, he overslept and missed his bus top big time!

Anyway, yesterday was equally tiring. Started off to meet Mr Lim at BB to have breakfast. Ended up playing games at the arcade, eh yeah, I know, we are procrastinating. After which, we went over to Beauty World Plaza to get the desired mahjong set for Kris and Ern's housewarming. The mahjong set is real pretty, it's transparent on the other side, with blue coloring. Crystal clear!

Rushed over to Kris's house after that. Her house is real pretty! And she has 4 TVs! Can you imagine? 4 TVs in one house and all her TVs are like big, not small at all! And all rooms airconed, with water feature, pool table, and 3 computers. Wah, I realised that they are really rich to own so much tech gadgets. I like the red master bedroom, really cool yeah! And Krisie's room look so OT with all the green and white. And Ernest's room is typical, messy as usual.

Caught Transformers at Causeway Point after that. It's a super nice show yeah! The effects of the cars transforming into robots are so cool! But it's a lil messy, I dunno who is who and who is fighting who. Heh, Bumble Bee is super duper cute! I like him the most out of all! And the show is pretty funny! It's a good show to catch it!

So tired from the weekend but I had fun. Loads of fun! Physical hangover like Jayson now hee. Lecturing starts again on Tuesday! Back to more work mode again.


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