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Friday, July 13, 2007 Y 11:36 AM

Booo....my staff hates me now cuz I gave her a B for appraisal. Well, I didn't give her the B, the section leader did, but I marked her for everything else. Booo, she's not happy that we gave her a B cuz she felt that she deserved an A (to which my leader told me that only 5% of the people in the department at her level will get A = 1 or 2 persons only).

Sigh, I hate doing TPM (appraisal) for people. It took one long and painfully slow hour to finish up her TPM and I can tell you that I totally didn't feel good throughout the session. Sigh, just because of one stupid grade, she's not happy with me.

I'm already very happy that my boss will even give me a B man, cuz that's what majority of the people will score. Who ask the old supervisors to not do their appraisals properly last time? Who ask us to have new COO and implemented new changes in doing appraisals?

My stupid bf didn't even let me finished this TPM story that I was telling him about, he cut me off when he saw some cute lil kid and went on rambling about kids.

Oh well, let's forgive him since he's tired and he's nice and he's sweet and he offered to help me carry my stuff from Outram and he got punched by me several times. Now you know why I hit you so many times huh, you deserved it ahahahahahahaha.


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