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Thursday, July 12, 2007 Y 9:14 AM

Aye! I caught Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix on Wednesday! Mr Lim gotten the tickets, wow lucky huh, sneak preview and he still can get it.

It's.........not as nice as the first 3 movies. In fact from The Goblet of Fire onwards, it seems like the director is trying to put too many things in a 2 hours plus show, and it's just not possible, because although there were a lot of things shown, but the depth wasn't there. The characters are not well developed. There are a lot of other characters in the 5th book like Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Choo Chang and Ginny that were more well mentioned but all seemed to be like extras in the show. Even Ron and Hermoine didn't have much development in their characters.

Heard it's going to be the last Harry Potter movie cuz the actors have grown too old.

Anyway, Denise brought me to eat at this nice restaurant at Taka, it's called Pasta something. The pastas are very very nice! I had a slipper lobster pasta while Denise had a La Vongole Chicken??? Can't remember, but it's really very nice!

Check it out! I got a cute little teddy bear, a Clarins sunblock, a pashima and a pair of nike shoes. Thanks to all of you for showering me with presents! Muacks!


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