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Monday, July 23, 2007 Y 8:03 AM

2 words to describe my weekend: BLISSFUL and RELAXING

Spent the entire weekend slacking away with Mr Lim at his house. Spent the time eating, sleeping, watching tv, watching movie. Hmm, pretty much sums up what Mr Lim said that we usually do when I hang out with him. Ahhh, his life is pretty predictable hor, forgot to include the aspect of exercising too and seducing mei meis wahahaha. Oh yeah, and playing with shooting games (any sort, be it computer, arcade or what, as long as it involves shooting, bring it on).

A very precious weekend that I had, one that doesn't happens alot and one that gives us both time to spend together. Though we aren't doing much or anything happening, I'm contented with my time with him. Just as long as I don't grow fat from all the eating and sleeping.

We had dinner over at my house too cuz Mom treated us for her birthday (early in advance for 2 weeks). Finally I got to eat my crabbie after waiting for so long. The last time I ate it was like last year yeah. Totally yummy!

Hmm, do you know why people have affairs when they married? Especially if they are married for numerous times? And each time they divorced, it was because the partner catches them in the bed with another person of the opposite sex? And why do they still keep having affairs despite of the numerous divorces and infidelity revealed incidents? Interesting right?

Yawn, I'm so tired today. Got to hit the beds soon!


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