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Thursday, June 28, 2007 Y 10:26 AM

Super duper pissed today. Got knocked over by a bicycle when I was walking back to office today. Puhhhh leaseeeee, we all know Buangkok Green has a bicycle connector, purposely they built it because many people like to cycle on the roads or pedestrians walkways, endangering themselves or others. It's a bloody connector built for cyclists and yet, there are still some stupid people who wants to cycle on the pedestrians walkways.

Anyway, I was walking along the pedestrian walkway, going to the back gate of the hospital when I heard bells ringing behind me. Naturally, my instinct was to keep to a side of the road and viola, bang, the bike hit onto me. This stupid person was speeding real fast on the bike, on a bloody pedestrian walkway, when just next to it, it was the bloody connector!

Anyway, thank goodness I have shoes, he got my shoe, my feet slipped and twisted to a side, when he rammed full force on my shoes. Thank you so much, now it's spoilt, thanks to the force exerted on it. I got so pissed, I just looked and him and said:"Boy, you aren't supposed to cycle here. There is a bicycle pathway just here. You are supposed to be cycling there. Move over to there" and I walked off in a huff. Well I didn't see him behind me at all, guess he was probably running away or something.

I hate IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE and PEOPLE THAT DON'T FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS OR RULES. Luckily I'm not some old frail elderly or kid that was walking on that lane. He could have just rammed way past them. So wat that he's a sec school boy, he should be taught a lesson.


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