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Saturday, June 23, 2007 Y 9:47 AM

It was a nice day today! But also terrible day, sigh.

Anyway, I woke up today at 10.30am and I text Bestie on where to meet. She suggested that we go to Bukit Gombak for a body massage first as the start of the wonderful thing. So I met her at BG, and we went to the shop but to our disappointment, they only have slots at 5.30pm, too rushing for us.

So we went down to Far East, and had Jap Food at Ramen Ten. I had Ebi Ramen, Bestie had spicy salmon ramen, we both had prawn mayonnaise and fried golden maki. And we both ordered soda for drinks (me mango and she, blue soda). Very filling meal, I nearly puked till the end cuz I was so full (yeah I know, wasn't the most satisfying word to describe it).

Then we went to Galleria to look for Bestie's bag. Bestie's fiance was supposed to buy her a bag for the wedding and the budget was below $1000. Wow, can you imagine that, it's that much yeah. I had my first chance walking around branded shops, and seeing indescribable prices! They cost like $600 to $13000 plus for bags. These people must be filthy rich to buy these kinda stuff! I'm so glad I aren't earning big bucks, cuz wasting money on such things, branded, yet with the same function as any normal bag, ain't really my cup of tea.

So we decided to catch a movie after that and we popped over to Cine and bought tickets to "The Girl who Leapt through time". It's a really nice movie! Funny, sweet, romantic and just something that you like to find in the lost time. And it was pretty long, like 1.5 hours, so quite worth the money.

Bestie gave me a Braun Buffel, pink, wallet! That's so sweet of her to do so! And she actually remembers that I kinda like Braun Buffel stuff (although I said that like ages ago, you know seriously I couldn't even remember why I said I like Braun Buffel stuff). Thank you so much, Bestie! You really made my day with the gift and stuff that you did with me.

So that was the good part, the bad part, sigh....simply terrible.


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