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Saturday, June 30, 2007 Y 10:39 AM

I went to Esplanade Theatre Hall to watch this Korean theatric today. It's called JUMP, a comic martial arts performance.

JUMP tells the story of an idiosyncratic Korean family under the rule of a strict grandfather who insists on keeping up the physical fitness of all family members through vigorous martial arts training. The performance comes to a climax when two stupid thieves break into the house and confront three generations of kung-fu masters, inspiring a series of ridiculous scenes.

It was really funny and I'm impressed by how flexible these people are, and how beautifully they can perform those martial arts moves.

Then I caught two soccer matches at National Stadium. Heard from Mr Lim that it's the last game in National Stadium, which will officially be closed down today. Saw the Sg veterans playing against Malaysians veterans. Wow, they moved really really slow and it looked so funny cuz they are so uncoordinated and slow.

Then we saw the currently Lions playing against Australian soccer team. You can practially see real life Ozzie (international players) warming up at the stadium, and I'm really impressed with how they did their warm up. Well, needless to say, Oz won hands down with 3 goals (I didn't catch the 2nd half of the match so I didn't saw them score). Lions did came quite close a few time near the goal post in the first half, but a pity, none were goals.

Left early for the match as my cousins were hungry and they needed to go home early. Brought them to Geylang for dinner, I highly suspect they are very intrigued with the fanciful sight that they saw. Had nice food in Geylang! The beef ho fun and the dim sum was really yummy yeah!

So tired, played games with Shawn till late yesterday night and today's heat was such a killer. Yawnz, off to bed now. Happily finished blogging already.

Oops, yeah, I just remembered, I forgot to take any pics at all at the stadium. Bleah, oh well.


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