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Monday, June 25, 2007 Y 8:26 AM

I have been going around smelling perfumes, yes I'm practically smelling every single perfume, for Yoges's present and I fell in love with many perfumes heh heh. Let's tell you which is nice.

Vera Wang Princess
Lovely bottle, lovely name, sweet floral scent, suitable for anyone who wants to be a princess!

YSL Baby doll
Cut little dolly bottle, with poms poms or stars (depending on which edition). Very sweet girlish scent, suitable for cute and sweet girls.

YSL Young, Sexy and Lovely
If you want to feel like what the name says, go ahead and get this. Very nice flowery scent!

Anna Sui Dolly Girl (Bourjous)
French version. I owned the beach dolly girl version which is sweeter, this one smells more womanly but has a subtle sweet scent to it too.

DKNY Red Delicious
Not bad, good for ladies/women. Great looking bottle too.

Lanvin (the purple one, forgot the name)
This one has a refreshing smell, very fresh and flowery.

Nina Ricci Love in Paris (my favourite amongst smelling all)
I say, the first thing when I smell this perfume was, ahhhh so romantic.....Yes, it's really Love In Paris, you really feel the romantic sense when you smell this perfume. I decided to buy this for Yoges because I simply can't get enough of it. It smells so nice! The bottle is not fantastic though, very simple.

Enough of perfume smelling, I got pretty eye shadows for Yoges too. It contains aloe vera in it, and it's shimmery pretty hee hee. And an eyeliner, which contains aloe too and a facial mask, aloe and honey. Looks yummy huh. It's so fun shopping for presents, especially for others.

Yeah and I was talking to Denise yesterday, no one shall fight with me to go to either Fig and Olive or Sofra for my birthday, it's sooooo sooooo hard to think of a halal and vegetarian place (besides Pizza Hut, Secret Recipe, Swensons, Breeks, all of which we always go bleah). So it's mine! I secretly kept suggesting to Yoges other places so I don't have to rack my brains so hard to think of where we should go (cuz well I started the trend of "Birthday girls will think of the place to eat")...simply because I was tired of organising, thinking about what presents to buy and to even think of the place to eat.

That really helps you know, because I have lesser work to think of and just focus on present buying.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CY in advance first. Her birthday falls on this coming Thursday. Oops have to shop for CY now....got to rack head again.


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