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Friday, June 29, 2007 Y 11:15 AM

CY officially became 2* on 29 June 2007 and we also celebrated a belated 2* birthday for Yoges. Yes, I'm very happy to announce that they are 2* as I'm still younger!!! Lol! Well, though sooner or later, and actually very soon, I'll be joining them. Hiak hiak, older yeah.

We had a different choice of halal restaurant this time, one that sells vegetarian food as well. We went to Fig and Olive in Vivo City. Yeah, I'm proud to show off that I managed to show Yoges the direction to Vivo City, using a street directory, without getting lost at all! Btw, Yoges liked the perfume that we got for her, thank goodness hee.

So we were early as we didn't get lost, got an outdoor seat near to the sea. The food was so so, not that fantastic but edible. Too bad, Krisie didn't join us as she was down with rashes, eeeehhh, itchy itchy. Mr Lim joined us too, heh, hopefully he wasn't feeling left out amongst so many females (oh well, but in the first place, since when he feels left out in groups of females? He adores females lots!). Let me rephrase, hope he wasn't feeling bored amongst my group of friends that he doesn't knows well.

Then we went over to Pacific Cafe and had drinks at the outdoor seats. I sat on the cushion sofa, and to be honest, it wasn't very comfy cuz it didn't had a back rest, and it was too wide for me to feel comfy, although the seat was very cushiony and soft. The drinks were nice though, at least mine was nice. I had a Mango Mania. Bestie's drink sucks though, totally tasted more like expresso than cookies and cream.

Oh, we also gave Jun Wei a farewell lunch at Hougang Green Bubble Tea Shop, so yeah I had my favourite pork chop fried rice again heh heh. Jun Wei was really irritating, kept bickering with me in my office. Crazy dude, dunno why he bickers with me so much, until Siti (our new clerk) said that if they put us two together in the Deputy Head room only, we can quarrel the whole day and make lots of noises. It was finally towards the end of the day, then we got some sensible conversation going, which mostly was me interrogating him with questions and him answering stupidly and blindly LOL!

So it sums up a GOOD FRIDAY indeed, I had my fair share of fun today and I really enjoyed it.


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