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Thursday, May 3, 2007 Y 8:38 AM

I think I'm eating too much recently! I'm becoming like Mr Ken Lim, whom is a pig aka glutton! Wahahaha!

Anyway, back to eating, I ate alot today with Ivy and Lee Sian, plus Bonnie (for like 15 mins of her time) AGAIN! The last time we ate alot, we went to Sakura Restaurant and pig out big time. We went to Xiao Xuan Feng this time and pig out equally much, all thanks to Ivy whom complained that she is too sad to hear of someone leaving in end May. So we ordered 2 plates of prawn dumplings (courtesy of Bonnie whom likes it so much), 1 plate of fried beancure with prawn, 1 plate of xiao long bao, 1 plate of fried red bean paste, 1 plate of golden brown bun. This was what we had with Bonnie around. After Bonnie left, they ordered 1 plate of fried rice, 1 plate of vegetables and 1 plate of beancurd skin (thanks to Ivy whom kept ordering).

Thank goodness I didn't eat lunch much today, except for a piece of bread. It's pretty funny to see Lee Sian raising her hand up many times to order food. I believed the waiters/waitresses probably thought we are real gluttons. And that's not all! We even went to Gelare to have ice cream after that!

And and, there was this awfully cute little girl sitting in front of us in Gelare. She has such big round eyes and she kept playing with us while we are munching on our ice cream. Heh heh, kept making monkey faces to me during the whole time. She looked so disappointed when we were going. Poor little baby even started crying when we waved our hands goodbye. Awfully CUTE!

Bleah, I feel like such a pig and so fat now after eating so much. Don't nag at me to exercise k, cuz I am exercising yeah, and bleah bleah bleah.

P.S: We just had a lesson by KY's wife, a dietitian, on nutrition and healthy food, and yet we spent our time pigging out for dinner after that. How healthy are we healthcare professionals yeah?
Oh and yeah, in case you were wondering girls, KY's is inviting us for the church wedding. The Chinese Banquet is for his family members, so yeah, I'm attending the church wedding.


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