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Friday, May 11, 2007 Y 11:40 AM

I got a pretty bright pink cover for my N6280. My old black casing was brutally mutilated by my constant dropping of phone on the floor, allowing it to commit suicide from elbow height to the granite platform and dissecting it's body parts when it committed suicide.

Seriously, the sides of the phone, were the casing could not be changed, are seriously damaged but heck, my phone is still working. It's not pretty in sight and in the past, I would have screamed my head off (maybe a lil exaggerated, only will feel very sorry that's all), but now, it's simply bo chup!

I know, it's so girlish to get a pink cover and Min says that it's so expected of me. Despite of not wanting to join the pink girls group, I totally love pink huh and I know bestie loves pink too! So I LOVE PINK but I AIN'T BIMBO. And guess wat, bestie chose the pinkish cover for me! Muacks, it's so sweet of you to go around with me to look for a casing! Heart you lots!

To Bestie, I know some events today has triggered some past memories of yours but you know what? I'm so totally glad you ******* XXXXX (this is not vulgarity kay!). Been my sentiments since the day it started till the day it ended and still my sentiments now.

Some people aren't just worth your time like SOMEONE, make it SOMETWO, hmm maybe SOMETHREE. If it's yours, it's yours and you have found yours. I'm happy for you.

Thank you for telling me and for hearing out my rants!

And Sharon is really SWEET to ask me out although I couldn't make it today. Miss ya man! Miss the days we hang out together. Okie okie, we should meet up more often kay?

And to answer the question of why people can blog so much, it's simple, YOU JUST WRITE. It's like writing a personal diary, some thoughts that you have and a blog is some thoughts that you wanna share. And it's for people to see what has been happening in your life too (according to Cy's theory, she reads other ppl's blogs to find out how they are doing). If I don't write, you got nothing to read also right? Then you wouldn't be visiting my blog to see what I write heh heh. Why do you think I can crap so much out of lecture notes then, or help Kris's to write beautiful letters? CUZ................. I CAN WRITE lalala.


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That is why they call it
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