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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 Y 5:41 AM

Hello hello! I'm here to adverstised for my friend, a friend that I known from some part time job. Met her at the cafe the other day, yesh, my old work place used to be a few storeys up from the cafe that I'm supervising now. She said she had some online shopping webbie selling vintage stuff, so if you like vintage stuff, go visit this webbie k?


And if you like food, go try Jap food at Liang Court, very nice huh! And if you like sausages like me or bread stuff, go try this shop at PS B2. Yummy sausages and sandwiches! I forgot the name though boohoo!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BESTIE! It's her birthday today and her wonderful fiancee has sent her 26 roses, with some heart thingy and poem and she was so ecstatic about it, she sent me 3 smses in a row to tell me about it. Lol, bestie, good that your birthday was brightened up by your lovely fiancee and I'm glad that you are so happy! To bestie's fiancee, you are great yeah, so sweet and know how to make a girl happy! A pat to you for being so smart! And bestie, wishing you a very Happy Birthday and be a very happy and pretty girl always yay?

I think I lost my cool today yeah, which is so seldom especially towards stranger. Some stupid taxi driver picked me up and misheard Compass point to Compass vale....and he drove me all around Sengkang, and later then he admitted that he doesn't knows the way and he is lost. I was freaking late, it was raining and I'm wet, I'm irritated and I'm in a rush and he was trying to act smart by driving me all around Sengkang, which I kindly told him that he was going the wrong way but I don't know how to exit, and finally then he admitted that he doesn't knows how to get to Compass Point. Think it's the 1st time I told a taxi driver off for not knowing his way and not bothering to check and that he is charging me so much for his own mistake. Lol, he was like "how much should I charge you? how much do you spend usually?" and I said "Forget it, I'm already very glad that I can even reach Compass Point safely" and then I banged the taxi door shut.

But the day ended nicely, because Bestie was happy (she was so sad about her bday previously) and lecture went well and I know what I was talking about. Oh and that I had a free lunch at Swensons from my boss (hmm though that was after all the shit that we had for 2 years lol).

P.S: Mr Lim better start revising for his exams yeah. Procrastination is decreeded sinful by my law. Kick you if you procrastinate!


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