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Saturday, May 5, 2007 Y 9:44 AM

Guess what I got from my student? Lol, a Winnie the Pooh towel, 2 stickers (Disney princess and Winnie the pooh) and Hershey chocolates. She said she thinks I will like that kinda stuff. Haha, the last 2 students I had gave me some cute stuffed up pillow. Dunno whether I appeared to be too childish and like such stuff, or what?

I heart the gifts that I got from my student though, cuz she's right, I do like stickers, chocolates and cute towels haha. And I treated my student at the Bubble Tea shop again (last time I treated my students there too). I think J and I were missing the food there, chicken rice for him and PORK CHOP for me haha! I love the PORK CHOP fried rice there. Yummy yum!

So we caught Spiderman 3 in the evening yesterday. I prefer the 1st 2 serials but Denise told me that critics said that nothing can beat Spiderman 3 as it was the best. I found it to be more comical and not as good. And nothing can beat this phrase, my cousins and I rem it so well. Next time when you pick up the phone and call a girl, tell her this "You are a good woman, I'm a good man".

Ken was so excited that Transformers was coming out soon, kept saying that he wants to catch the movie and talking about Transformers. Just like Mr Ken Lim! I think all Kens like Transformers. Wahahaha!

And Kris has just boycotted another restaurant, she commented that The Village food sucks and she will never step into the shop again. Haha, funny that the places that suck are all Ern's favourite places. Although, on a second note, I agree that the food sucks too and I pay more to stink there. My clothes still smell like some grilled or pan fried meat and I'm sick of the rosti that I ate.

P.S: Been to Vivo City quite some times this week, I think my Westfield Carousel is much more interesting than Vivo, although the latter has a nice sea view which is great to sit by. Heh, but if you seen Fremantle, that's not as sweet as that.


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