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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 Y 8:15 AM

This is pissing. Some nothing better do person, claimed to be my blog reader, criticized me on an non existent post, long past one year overdue supposingly should be there blog post. I don't want to be overly suspicious and straight away jump to conclusion that this nothing better to do person is THAT person but certainly, it's freaky scary to be so called "stalked" like that. And how coincidental that the main character in the non existent blog post actually sms me after I ended the conversation with this nothing better to do person.

And why this nothing better to do person knows I block this certain person in msn when I din even say anything about that? What it's a girl's natural reaction to block someone in msn, my foot, and what is it about me taking things literally only in face value? It's so pissing that I'm being criticized by some unknown person in the dark, who knows about me and I know nothing about this person.

Well, if you really read my blog, then I tell you something okay? I WILL NEVER UNBLOCK THAT PERSON FROM MY MSN, PLUS I CAN'T UNBLOCK HIM BECAUSE I DELETED HIM. AND I HAVE NO INTEREST TO FIND OUT WHY HE SAID THOSE THINGS TO ME BECAUSE HE SIMPLY DOESN'T MATTER TO ME AT ALL. Why do I need to waste my time on some useless person who does not concern me?

This ain't the only pissing incident. I found out on Monday that I was really stupidly and naively deceived by my colleague whom was dismissed from work. He's really a wolf in sheep skin. Acting like an angel in front of us but behind that, he was already planning his route out. Sigh, you really wonder whether you can trust people especially people at work place after all these.

And Monday didn't exactly ended in a nice way either. I had a really lousy and terrible time in the wee hours of Tuesday morning but I'm glad that things were okay again after that!


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