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Saturday, April 14, 2007 Y 9:41 PM

Received a really really shocking news on Friday. I was already disturbed by a scene that I saw earlier on in office and then my friend told me a really shocking news, which was further confirmed by my boss on Saturday, when she broke the news to us solemnly.

I felt sad as I have lost a dear colleague and friend. Although he did do something wrong but we didn't fault him for his mistakes. He's a close friend after all and we could understand why he made that silly mistake. Although it's not forgivable to make such mistakes, we still felt sorry for him as his life is just gone like that. A police case, job termination, a family waiting for him to support on, whole life gone just like that.

My colleague broke down and cried when my boss broke the news to us that this fren/colleague was terminated whereas my other friend and I were trying to look as best as we could to handle the situation. Alot of people were upset by the whole issue. Dreading Mon now as it will be the day, the official news will be conveyed to the whole department. Guess things will get emo and stuff during the meeting.

Back to a more cheerful note, met up with Cy, HL and Xw on Friday for dinner. Haven't seen them for such a long time esp HL! They are still the same....so many years that I have known them and nothing changes much, except probably looking prettier and change in marital status. Went to Menotti for dinner (never been there before) and City Space Bar to chill out later. It was my first time going to Equinox/City Space and I was awed by the pretty sight of the city landscape! 70th storey high and I could see most of the city landscape. The ambience was also very comfy and romantic! I recommend you people or couples to go try out the place, get snugged together, chill out and relax.


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