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Tuesday, April 3, 2007 Y 6:52 AM

Qing Ming Festival

1st time that I ever had to so call "celebrate" this festival. Mom and I woke up real early on Sunday morning and made our way down to Mandai Crematorium, with huge bags of paper money and flowers. Took a cab down and got a call from my Aunt halfway, telling us to alight the the back door cuz the front door is badly jammed.

True enough, as we sped past the front entrance, we saw one long queue of cars, stretching over 2 traffic lights till the way into the entrance, and I happened to see my uncle's car amongst them!

Finally, everyone managed to get past the jam and we made our way up to where Grandma currently resides in. I'm in awe that people actually bring tables and lots of food for offerings. Managed to squeeze our way in and pay our respects to Grandma, follow by us fighting for space to burn the paper money at the fire grounds.

Growing older has certainly bring about many changes in life. I'm now missing a family member but yet having closer family bonds with my cousins. I still remember that once we were so close together while we were being babysitted by Grandparents and how we splitted apart when Grandma got a stroke and everyone had to stay at their own homes, to how we grew closer and hang out with each other again after Grandma's death.


I had been a very very happy girl for the past one month, esp the past 2 weeks. Thank you for making me so happy. I really appreciate it!


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