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Wednesday, April 18, 2007 Y 6:18 AM

Miss Tong said I looked like those porcelain dolls with my pretty curly hair and lacy top! Haha, she said I look just like one of those on display in the shops with my hair and dressing. I tot her comment sounded very funny but it kinda made my day! Yay!

Yay, I'm so happy because I have 4 patients moving out to work this month! The highest number for the 1st time! I'm hitting my target finally! And my cute lil student was smsing me to tell me the details as I wasn't in office, heh heh but she was too slow, my patient and my HA called me before that to break the good news.

Officially got my lecturing notes and stuff from my ex lecturer, whom will kinda be my supervisor now instead. So many things to plan but I feel so lazy to get started. I have to get started somehow next week and plan the notes, presentations and case studies.

Freaking realise that I have to wake up at 5am and get myself to work by 7am this Sat. Don't know why I'm so suay to always get such kind of good deals. Only 3 therapists had to come back to work on Sat because they are in charged of certain programs. And the Corp Comms lady kept on sending me emails for coordination, funny I only called in to ask for tables and she kept sending me emails now, thinking that I'm representative in charge from OTD.

Lalala, it's Darryl's birthday on Fri but we celebrating it on Sat. I hope he don't nag his celebration away! Maybe I should bring masking tape to the outing.


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