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Friday, April 6, 2007 Y 10:40 AM

I made spaghetti today! Haha, I know this sounds silly cuz it's so easy to make...but considering that I haven't been cooking for 2 years, this is actually a major achievement that I even take an effort to cook something.

Fortunately, perhaps I do have good family genes, I still remember how to cook a proper spaghetti, although I don't have fantastic cooking skills. Thanks to Ivy for giving me additional tips in cooking it. Even went to Pizza Hut with her yesterday to look at the different types of spaghetti and trying to create my own from there.

End results: Taste good! At least for those whom have tasted it said it's not bad.

I'll attempt to cook Japanese food on the next round then heh heh. So I do like cooking after all, nothing beats eating your own food, but I don't like the hot and sweaty feeling though.

Btw, I got my letter of appointment for my lecturing post. Getting ready to start lecturing next May. An official lecturer now! Heh heh, I even took the challenge of supervising a final year student for her attachment (nv have the courage to cuz they are supposed to be very good and I'm afraid that I couldn't teach them well).

So in all, it means more work, more shit and maybe not so much fun or maybe some fun after all!


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