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Friday, April 27, 2007 Y 8:31 AM

Happy Birthday to the one that is crossing over the mid twenties line, and turning one year older! Heh Happie Bday to Krisie dear!

Guess she must be really happy becuz we bought her one whole range of anti aging products (which she has been talking about it cuz she felt that she was aging). So we bought her the cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream from Bioessence and Olay Total Effects moisturiser. All about anti aging, face firming and decreasing wrinkles. Soon, she can then advertise for the products' effectiveness heh heh.

We went to Earle Swensons at Vivo City to celebrate her birthday. Earle Swensons is just the normal Swensons but a higher class Swensons, with price ranges of $20 plus to $30 plus. They have this buffet salad, which is really nothing much impressive, as least not as good as Sizzler's. I had a Chicken Delight, which was nothing impressive, besides a lot of fried flour and skin. Sharon and I felt so pukey after eating it. Think Denise's was the healthiest, cuz she had some grilled or bbq chicken which I helped her to choose yeah. You should thank me, Denise. We had chocolate fondue for desserts. The fondue was still quite okay, at least one thing good.

It's a very simple celebration, with only dinner and all of us went home around 9 plus cuz everyone was tired. Guess we are all getting older and losing the momentum to have wild and crazy bdays. A simple dinner seems to be good enough nowadays and we are contented with it. Next up, Kar Lock's, Doreen's and Azi's bday! Soooo many people are May babies! Including Jayson, my partner in crime! Heh, I'm gg to be real broke yeah.


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