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Sunday, April 8, 2007 Y 7:38 AM

Being in a shirt and pants looks great indeed and indeed looks smart!

So I went jogging today with my cousins. I don't know how long I actually jogged/walked but believe me, it took almost 50 minutes to complete the whole thing. My cousin said we jogged for 4km! Can you imagine that?! 4km for me is like ALOT! Especially for someone who hates jogging.

And we caught "The Amityville Horror" after that. Stupid lady actually gave us the older version of the movie and we were falling asleep during it. So much of us expecting it to be horrifying but it turned out not.

So I went home and drop dead after that. Had a great sleep! Exercising always make me sleep so much better!

Can u actually believe that someone refused to admit entry for me for an NC16 show?

I went out with my cousins to watch "The Reaping" at CCK cineplex. The lady was like "I need to see your ICs as it's an NC16 show". Bloody me forgot to bring my IC that day cuz I changed to a smaller wallet. And she was like "Sorry, I can't sell you the tickets if you don't have an IC". WTH???!!! I'm a bloody 26 y.o looking female, with permed hair, make up and in a dress! I don't freaking look like I'm under 16!!! My stupid cousins were like so laughing at me after that. They were like commenting on my dressing that I looked like a barbie doll and stuff, which is why the auntie refused to admit me. I say she is crazy and blind till she can't see my age.

That reminds me of an incident whereby I took a taxi out to watch movie late at night once. I was wearing bermudas and t shirt and the taxi uncle started to lecture me on going out late and should be staying at home and study. He then proceed on to say that he has a son who is 16y.o too. Suddenly, he just turned towards me and said: "You looked like my son's gf, are you his gf?" and I was "Sorry uncle, I don't know your son because I'm 10 years older than him". He was so appalled and he said that I couldn't be more than 20y.o! I think he was blind really cuz it was at night and most probably he couldn't see properly. Me 16????

And to end things better with the day, I got hit by young boys at my void deck, asking to know me. WTHHHHH!!! I had enough of being refused entry for the NC16 show, I don't need younger boys to hit on me. And plllllsssss, I have freaking permed hair.....it's supposed to make me look older....what exactly has happened???!!


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