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Saturday, April 28, 2007 Y 12:58 PM

Aye! I missed Ozzie, was going through some photos and came across my Ozzie photos. Miss Ozzie life so much and missed my dearie housemates!

My Hostel! Lachu is still staying there, miss her yeah!

My Room (no 2), hiak, so messy, and so much food heh heh...I was the only one with a printer cuz the girls put it in my room. I can't rem why it ended up in my room anyway.

Bestie and Me at King's Park! Muacks! Bestie was staying in Room 3, just next to me and she calls me on the phone every weekend to wake me up keke.

Yoges and me! Wearing Indian costumes during Deepavali. Heh, she's staying in room 6 but we took this photo in Denise's room.

Da-ni-se (Roomie 5 girl), hiak hiak, still remember why you are called that? "hello hello, may I speak to Da-ni-se please?". Azi: "Sorry, no such person".

Lachu, the youngest girl in the flat, think she was like 19 when we went there. She stays just next to me in Room 1, and I could always hear her laughing and making alot of noises at night when I'm sleeping hehe.

Joyce, Roomie 4 housemate, taken during our last dinner at Flat 3. Silly me was trying to imitate her smoking style (me dun smoke kay) and she was laughing at how stupid I was.

Bestie carrying the wombat, I was so afraid that it will shit or urine on me, so I made her carry it instead LOL.

Aye, this funny Swiss guy started to talk to me when I went on a trip alone to Pinnacles. Spent the whole day talking to him when I couldn't understand 3/4 of what he was saying. Hiak hiak.

I love this photo! Caught this pretty sight at "The Pickled Fairy and Other Myths" shop at Fremantle and I got the girls in lovely costumes to take a photo.

Xiaowen came to visit me in December before I went back to Singapore. This was taken at Albany.

The girls brought so much soft toys to Ozzie to accompany them. Mine was the little pink bear.

This photo is hilarious!

This is the little notice board where we leave messages for each other. I always leave them a message to start off their days.

This group of people are like my class jocks and babes. From the left, Elesha, Sara, Callum and Matt. The girls heart Matt lots and left me with Callum (duh, cuz he was in my project group. He sat on my bed after walking around EUH without shoes!).

That's Yvonne (She reminds me of HuiLing), Taryn and Erin (at bottom right)

Grace (my senior at NYP), Anna and Shannon. I tell you something, this ang mohs, they are really really tall! Most of them are taller than me. Yoges and Denise are always complaining that they are like midgets.

This was the last photo taken on the 25th December, at Perth Zoo. After which, I flew back to Singapore.

Heh, there's lots more photos! Silly us having pyjamas parties, dressing up in Malay costumes, having pot luck and stuff. I miss Ozzie, I wonder whether the girls miss it too?


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