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Tuesday, March 27, 2007 Y 12:35 AM

So it has been a hectic week....with dad being admitted to hospital for heart attack, me taking leave to visit him and bring him around from hospital to hospital for ballooning procedure, and still freeing time to meet up with frens to destress.

Thank goodness everything is fine and okay. I'm on leave for a week to look after him...first time having to buy food and do everything for him. We are so used to having the man in the house doing all the chores till now, we have to be more proactive in doing it.

So after all, women are strong and determined creatures who can take up burdens bravely during hard or difficult times. I swear I ain't that weak and I admired myself for being able to withstand so many obstacles.

Plus, I swear I love my frens to bits. They were so kind to lend me a hand and shower me with care and concern, flooding my phone with smses and stuff. I really appreciate that my frens will be there for me when I need them.

Of course, I also appreciate you for being there with me when I needed someone.

So it's good, cuz in all, I get rest for a week too, after hours of not sleeping well and rushing around.


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