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Tuesday, March 6, 2007 Y 6:57 AM

It's going to be a CRAZY March! I'm working almost every Saturday except for the 24th. Just started my first working Sat on the 3rd and I'm already feeling so tired over it. Imagine that I will have to be attending a full day course this coming Sat. I was already falling asleep on Monday when attending the course and I went home straight after that to hit the bed.

So on Saturday, I went back to work for the 1st Client support group that we running for our outpatients and it turned out quite well! After which, I rushed down to Ting's house for CNY! Haven't been to Ting's house and seen her family members for quite some time! She and her beau prepared a really sumptous meal for Xw and myself, which I ate heartily to my content. It was a pity that I couldn't stay longer to see Pei Bing cuz I have to rush down to meet my cousins in the evening.

Ha, I wouldn't mentioned out loud what we are doing at Ting's house but believe me, you wouldn't think that we are so silly and lame. Ha, although it was fun, you wouldn't believe that we are 25 turning 26y.o whom are doing that. Although, I had to admit that I really enjoyed the process and was happy with the results. And I'm pretty sure they are too heh heh.

Met up with my cousins and their family to celebrate Hui's bday. Bought a new pair of shoes for her for present, which she should ought to have one cuz she is always wearing sports shoes with absolutely anything! After which, Uncle William bought food to our house and started cooking another sumptous meal for us. Oooooh, I love Uncle William's cooking! He always makes the best steak, mutton, fish, prawn....anything u name it!

Saw Kris and her Sausage the next day. Silly dog kept barking at me non stop until I went to play with Kris's piggies and suddenly, the lil dog kept quiet and allowed me to touch him and play with him. Sat in the car beside him and he was attempting to lick my face, which to my horror, I was trying not to let him do so. The lil doggie is indeed cute! Heh heh, love it esp when he was licking my hands and allowing me to play with him. I'm pretty scared of dogs cuz in the past, there used to be a huge group of dogs chasing after me when i stayed in the rural areas. And then, there was this stupid dog at my cousin's neighbour's house who likes to bark unexpectedly at me whenever I walk past.

Krisie's dog is so adorable and sweet and u just can't help but fall in love with him, although he's a lil irritating to start off with only barking.

Went to the career fair and picked up some Masters and jobs brochures and I managed to catch some of the fireworks. It seemed like the ending of the fireworks was the same as the one I saw last time with Xw and Ting.

On Monday, we attended GEMS (Go the extra mile) Training. It was interesting although a lil crappy, the instructor was teaching about excellent customer service. She started making comments that the ladies in the classes was too under make up and that we should at least wear a lil powder and lip gloss to work. Haha I like when she said this "Don't talk to me about natural beauty and that's why you dun put make up. Leave your natural beauty in the room. When u come to work, u are a professional and u should look professional. Natural beauty, tell me about it, u wouldn't recognise me when I'm in my natural state".

And so, towards the end of class, she asked us to pen down something that we learned and we will practice. Although I didn't pen it down but then I learned tat I have to learn to put on make up and practice it everyday. Haha, how possible is that when I can't even wake up on time? It's certainly true to an extent though, cuz you look more immaculate and professional when u dress well but then again, it's so controversial to wear make up when you have this idea that you are a health care professional and that u shouldn't look too over make up.

GEMS training is quite interesting and fun to attend though it's mentally quite training. I'm looking forward to my Sat session cuz there will be more role playing. Sigh, but the dreading fact is that it's a full day course and how lame is that to spend the whole day doing a course? Sigh, just have to make do with the remaining weekends then.


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