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Monday, March 12, 2007 Y 1:58 AM

I'm not exactly sure whether it was a good week or crappy last week. A lil crappy cuz I had to attend some GEMS training courses on a Saturday, and there are ppl whom really pissed me off to the core, and I really hate how some ppl dun seem to be cooperative.

It has definitely been a good week though cuz I had fun meeting up with my classmates from poly, hanging out with my dearest classmates aka my colleagues from IMH, hanging out with my cousins, hanging out with my fren.

Caught "Primeval", "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "300" last 2 weeks. Let's not talk about the first cuz it sucks totally and it's not worth mentioning. The other 2 shows are not bad although you will be thinking that "300" is probably not my type of show. Indeed, I would have never watch that show if my fren didn't ask me to watch it. I was quite impressed after the whole movie though, from the way the Spartans fight to their glorious spirits. I'm very impressed with their brains and strategies and good warring techniques.

And I'm extremely glad to be having a job, having to live in a flat, having educational qualifications, having good grades, friends and family after watching "The Pursuit of Happyness". This is inspired by a true story, acted by Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith. It was quite touching and extremely inspiring.

And I realise that, no matter how rude or crappy your work or your colleagues are, it's no point acting up over it and end up being unhappy or even losing your passion for the job. Hard work pays after all, I worked hard and well enough for my co, if people dun appreciate it and make things difficult for me, that is their problem. I have tried to make things well but if ppl dun lend a hand, then it's their problem. I know that cuz I have done my best.

Moving on to something else, I went for my poly class outing. Nobody from my class will probably read this except some dears, so I just want to announce it loud and big: "I didn't want to go to Vivo city because it's too far and it's bloody stupid to ask me to go just because of a stupid Tau Sar Pia Shop". I'm not your best fren so pardon me for being rude about it. I'm not going to please you just becuz u own a shop there. Anyway, she came to the outing even though we had it at PS, so wat's the big deal with Vivo? I'm probably saying this cuz I'm a lil meanie who doesn't like her.

Although, I did had a good time meeting up with my classmates esp Sharon, Kris, Doreen and KL. Azi was too far away from me to speak to me throughout. I also heard that my classmate is going to have a baby on his way! Congrats, although I nv like you much, I'm really happy for you. And I'm surprised to hear that my lecturing news spread to someone, hopefully it's not because she reads my blog (she probably wouldn't know right?). This just goes to show how news can spread within the small OT Community.

I wanna catch "Stomp The Yard" this week. Catch it with me, okie?


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