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Sunday, February 11, 2007 Y 8:21 AM


It's Denise's birthday celebration today. We (Krisie, Yog, Azi, Dodo, KL and me) bought for her a standard makeover package at The Makeover Inc, at Meritus Mandarin Hotel.

The package consists of 4 4R photos and 1 8R reprint photo. If you wanna buy the rest of the photos, u can either convert it into cd for $10 per photo (without touchups), if u choose 10 photos or more, OR u can print it out in loose for $10 like that.

We waited for DeDe for 2 hours plus. She looked totally fabulous and different after the makeover, and they made her wear a really sexy golden sequin top that showed alot alot of her assets! Weee wee....the photos are really nice and alluring huh.

It's pretty worth the price. So if u wanna go for a makeover, can try that.

If u wan a cheaper alternative and equally good in standard, try Beauty Box. They even have a birthday package! Really worth!

P.S.: I got this song from Fahrenheit's blog, it's not by them by playing it reminds me of them heh heh. I love Fahrenheit!


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