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Monday, February 5, 2007 Y 6:33 AM

I'm going to blog about 1st experience at Skin Revival! Why? Because I'm full of raves for it. It's the best best best salon I ever went. Why? Because I had a painless extraction....and u know the definition of painless? It means I can even sleep during extraction. That's how painless it was!

First of all, let me talk about the setting. It's located at 49B Kreta Ayer Road, quite out of reach from where I live. Takes about 1.5 hours for me to get there....and got to walk a stretch of road. When you reached the place, u gotta climb up one long flight of stairs. As I was climbing up the stairs, thoughts of how the beauticians will comment on my face raced through my head. Then I saw the 2 beauticians and the thought that went through my head was: "Damn, they are so young and they have such baby smooth skin, I'm gg to get a hell of a time with them commenting on my face". To my surprise, they sat me down nicely, offered me some nice tea and something to ask me some questions and asked me to fill a form and all the lady said was: "I will do a skin analysis for you and try to cater the facial session to your skin needs". And the best was, she asked me what is my budget such that she can cater it to my budget!

She didn't commented anything at all about my face during the whole facial session. She just patiently did everything for me. Although I know she must be screaming her head off when she was trying to extract for me (I have lotsa dirt, I knew that cuz she have to extend my extraction time). Yet, she didn't said anything about my face being bad or clogged or whatsoever.

I spent 3 hours there in total and here was what I did:

1. Face cleansing with flora fusion (their wash for sensitive and mature skin...sob i have mature skin)
2. Facial steaming (to open up the pores)
3. Jojoba citrus scrub (very mild and nice scrub)
4. Extraction, with extension of time (extra $10)
5. Cooling gel/Aloe vera mask (to calm down my face after extraction)
6. Enzymatic blemish masque (for pimples)
7. Vitamin cocktails masque and berry berry vit c mask (the first mask was to layer on the face such that the 2nd mask doesn't stings alot. They helped in whitening. My face is loaded with loads of vits!)
8. Neck and Shoulder and back massage with essential oils
9. Face accu pressure massage with essential oils
10. Head massage
11. Eyebrow trimming (i did this before extraction actually)
12. Aromatherapy
I didn't do a facial firming massage cuz they dun want to aggravate my condition.

In total, I only spend $90 for everything, 12 steps altogether for 3 hours. I even bought from them their facial wash, tonic and moisturizer to use together. I'm going to go back for my next facial session in Feb. Really love the service there and I realise I relaxed and slept so well after that! Nothing pays more than having beautiful skin.

p.s: the nice beautician even answered my emails patiently. 10/10 for ratings yeah!


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