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Wednesday, February 21, 2007 Y 7:11 AM


It's CNY again! Can't believe time flies so fast!

This year, we had a rather poor CNY cuz we didn't give or receive ang baos, or bought too much new goodies or decor. We were missing granny but I'm sure she celebrated with us in one way or another.

We went around with our usual visitations though. I had my reunion dinner with my Grandpa on Sat eve, then went to my Aunt's house to watch vcd and then went out to watch The Protege (This is good! Do catch it if you have time!).

On Sun, we went to Grandpa's place for visiting. I wonder will he be feeling lonely at home without Grandma? But the whole family swarmed his house from day to night to keep him company.

After which, my family went to Uncle William's house for dinner. He cooked really big prawns, beef, salmon and dumplings for us. My eldest uncle can cook really well and I always enjoyed eating his cooked food. Fell asleep at his house while my parents are playing mahjong with my cousins. Really too tired.

On Mon, we went to Uncle Chee Seng's house for lunch and dinner. My second uncle like to cook Ba Guk Teh always and yeah, we had that for dinner. Haha even Uncle TY was exclaiming on Sat night whether we are going to have that again when we go to his house.

Went out with Uncle TY/Aunt Connie's family, Aunt Jenny's family and my teen cousins for a movie on Tues. We went to watch "Just Follow Law". It was very very very funny! After which, they came to my house for dinner and mahjong.

I caught a flu in the end with all these late night sleeps and visitations...probably from my cousins too.

Going for interview tomorrow for the part time lecturing position tomorrow. Phew, I hope I really will lecture well. Good luck to me!


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