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Wednesday, January 24, 2007 Y 5:06 AM

I had a great weekend last week! Finally went for ktv session after ages with my poly friends. Had my long awaited ebi rice burger and corn soup at MOS burger after soooo long (although I had it again on the next day with Cy and Ting). There were only Denise, Doreen and me that went for ktv and dinner together. You can't believe what Doreen asked me....She asked me whether I was straight!!!!!!! I can't believe it and for a moment I choked on my food....do I looked like I'm swayed? Let me tell all straight now, I'm single, available but I'm definitely straight....STRAIGHT! I only like guys, boys that are only months younger than me or men that are older than me. Girls, butches, lesbians are out of the questions. Even if they looked like a guy, I still can't imagine myself being with them.

That does not go to say that I don't respect lesbians or homosexuals. I respect them with every whole of my heart as I think they dare to show and voice their differences and ppl should be respected of their choices.

And you couldn't imagine the kinda topics we were discussing that night at Thai Express and TCC....lol...I believe for a moment I was back being me in Ozzie again.

On Sunday, I met up with the long awaited JC frens (Ting, Xw and Cy). We went to Ma Maison for lunch, though I was terribly late due to phototaking and traffic jam (stupid 960 and Serangoon Road). The food was nice though, a pity that Cy didn't join us but she had a good lunch too. I had Japanese style spaghetti which was a fusion of Jap and Western...and it tasted pretty nice! I like the chicken chowder too though it's a weird combi.

You wouldn't believe that I went to TCC again on Sun and Mos burger again. The company do makes a difference. I can eat the same thing or drink the same thing again as long as the company around me is normal and fun and ppl whom I like. I had nice lil Christmas prezzies and I really like them cuz they are sooo pretty.

On Tues, I went out with my colleagues to celebrate birthdays, in fact I was the only person there who wasn't sporting a birthday, the other 4 are all Jan and early Feb babies. We went to Hogs Breath at Chjimes for dinner. They are kinda famous for their prime ribs and so that was what we ordered, plus I had a chicken haiwaiin dickory burger too. The ambience was nice, though I preferred the alfresco setting and the food was so so. The ribs are not bad though. The price range were about like $16 plus to $30 plus, and they served wine and alcoholic drinks too. I even spotted this cafe called CosCafe. It's the newest cafe in town and I rem Cy showing me the news link just a few days ago. I was walking into the entrance when suddenly, I saw alot of girls dressed in maid costumes. They look really Jappie from the dresses...hmmm so keen to try out the cafe...it's something different from the usual ones. Perhaps can get Dede they all to try it this Sat.

Oh I really had to mention this....it happened today and I nearly got a shock. I was taking a cab to work cuz I was late for work. The cab was exiting out from main road to expressway. It was a pretty narrow exit and we (the cab i was in) were in front...suddenly there was this big and huge bus that came up from behind us. Knowing that we were in front and we are supposed to exit first, he tried to squeeze past us although he was like only less than a ruler length from us. And the best part was, as we were turning, he increased his speed and sped right in front, hitting the taxi that I was in by the side. If my cab didn't stop in time, it would have been a crash, and the behind cars could crash into us too.

No, the best part was, the bus driver that hit the cab, drove off as fast as he could, and didn't even stop...so it was a hit and run basically. I really hate drivers whom are so reckless like this bus driver, he was just trying to speed ahead to get to his destination but he didn't bothered about abouts....it could be a bad accident if the cab didn't brake in time...he could have just injured or killed 2 ppl....such mindless ppl shouldn't be even driving on the road. I pray that he gets sue or complaint by the cabbie that was going to lodge a report to him. Too bad for him but we all saw what happened and that his car licence number was PA2201D. I wouldn't be sorrie if he got his desserts. He deserved it!


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