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Tuesday, January 2, 2007 Y 8:10 PM

Happy New Year 2007!!!!

160th entry since I started using blogger.

Entries of happiness, sadness, craziness and just plain rubbish accompanied you and me through this whole year of journey.

2006...is it a fruitful year? Maybe yes, maybe not.

Lots of good things happened...weddings....increment...bonuses....new frens made....new things experienced.

Bad things happened too....deaths of loved one....and maybe that's all =)

Sometimes it's funny to think that when something you deemed sad or bad happened, you brood over it alot during that time but when it passes, you realised that it's not so bad after all. That's how I feel now....there may be bad things that happened but hey, my brain has automatically deleted these memories.

It's ironical to say that I was watching "The Host" one day, and the family members in the show were commenting that the girl's death brought the whole family together and the exact thing happened to my family. After being separated from each other after leaving our grandparents childcare period, we went on each on our own separate lives with some of us keeping in contact. Now, after grandma's death, everyone got together and started piecing the puzzle together from where we left it. I say, we have gotten much closer and now we hang out alot together. Blood relations run deep after all and nothing can beat that.

2007....what shall await for us? Though I'm older by one year (damn again), I look forward to what will happen in this new year.

And lastly, I wished that all of us will find happiness, brave through unhappiness and find what we want in 2007!


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That is why they call it
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