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Monday, January 8, 2007 Y 5:55 AM

The date that marks my first church wedding in 20+ years of life! It was my colleague's wedding, congrats Peng and Samuel! This was my first time attending a church wedding and I had no idea what to expect. The typical church wedding scene that came into my mind was the father and the bride walking along the aisle towards the groom.
Now then I realised that it is only part of the ceremony. You still have to praise the lord and sing some songs. I tot it was pretty funny when the pastor said to the bride: "You must submit to your husband". Kinda made me laugh cuz the groom is such a timid and nervous guy while the bride is more open and bold lol.
I like the part where they each brought one candles and lit a common candle together, and then blew out their individual candles and how they said this signifies that 2 lives are joined as one now.
But the one that really caught everyone's attention was the buffet! Oh my goodness, it was the first buffet that I saw that has such a wide spread of variety and good food! There were crayfishes, prawns, satay, sliced beef, baked salmon, chocolate fondue, sushi, little fruit tarts, salads, mussels....and more! We were all really impressed by the food and we went to look out for the caterer. So if you wanna something real good, go try CJS Catering Services!

Great sunny day! I was soooo happy cuz I went to play badminton with my cousins. Dying to exercise after being sick for some time. And the weather was just great for exercising...windy and yet sunny! I guess the exercise must have been effective cuz I was soooo tired today (Monday)!


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