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Sunday, November 12, 2006 Y 7:29 AM

NHG Family Day was a total piece of crap on Saturday. I really wonder ppl planning this event ever tot of something called "wet weather plan". Knowingly that they chose Sentosa as the venue, I would highly anticipated that they would have known that there may be a possibility of rain hence there should be a back up plan.

To my disappointment, there wasn't any wet weather plan at all. The tentages set up were just enough to cover the game stalls and sponsors stalls. There weren't any extra inch of space for the people to hide from the rain! Everyone were like cramped under the Sapphire Pavilion and the only tentage set up for Children's events. Great, basically, it meant that there are not going to be any fun and games because there weren't space for people to have fun and games. Even under the pavilion, there weren't any games carried out to at least entertain ppl. So much for my frisbee and kayaking plans.

So basically, Lee, my cousins and I were just trying to avoid the heavy downpour, looking for a food to have our free lunch. The only thing we probably gain was the free lunch and goodie bag, which the goodie bag wasn't even useful, becuz all it has is 2 bottles of Nivea moisturizers (anti aging and oil control one) and sweets and a thermometer and oh yeah, the plastic bag rain coat.

And ppl are so rude and kiasu. Yes damnit, it's raining but it doesn't means u can cut queue or even push ppl till they nearly trip, just to catch the shuttle bus back. There's this stupid lady that kept pushing us and you know what was the best part??? She placed her baby on our bags so that she would be ensured that she will get a seat while we are trying to board the bus. Because of all their pushing, we got separated. Freaking Singaporeans who are so inconsiderate.

And there was this stupid bunch of ppl who crammed up all the stair way. I was trying to get into the pavilion with my cousins and I told them that they need to shift aside to let us get in. The stupid lady asked me to go by the other way, which is to the front, through the stage and walk one big round back to where I was seated (which is the back area just right behind her!). I got so pissed I just told her that I'm frigging sitting right behind her only, does she expect me to walk one big round just because she is so freaking lazy to move aside? She can somemore make noises at me while she shifted to the side. What the hell???!!

It's so disgraceful to see Singaporeans behaving in such manners and it's total shit. It's such a pissing place to stay in till we decided to leave early. I'm totally glad we did cuz I enjoyed myself more after we left.

We went to Vivo City to take a look at the place and went back to Causeway Point where we met up with Gerald and Latricia. Went to watch D.O.A together. Watching the movie together is such a better option than staying at that stupid pavilion.

I'm glad that I had a nice day after we leave the place. It's a pity we didn't get to play frisbee and kayak together but at least we enjoyed ourselves eventually.


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