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Monday, November 20, 2006 Y 6:19 AM

I'm now suffering from extremely sore right arm, shoulders and legs. Blame it on too much exercising on the weekends. And it's coupled by the drowsy effect of flu, which has been attacking me for 3 days.

Met up with Darryl, Shawn and Ken and we popped over to Auntie Jenny's condo for a swim on Sat. Did ridiculous things at her house - pretending to play volleyball and tennis with a soft sponge football which ended up falling to the ground floor due to Shawn's extremely powerful hit that caused it to fly out of the window; started a human tug of war game at the swimming pool slide and played charades with all sorts of stupid themes given.

We ended up staying overnight at Auntie Annie's place where we watched Death Note on youtube, had cup noodles at 2+ am and ended up sleeping at 3 where I was seriously delirious with the flu. Woke up at 9 am the next day, feeling groggy yet couldn't sleep anymore. Watched "Independence Day" and ate sandwiches, played mahjong and then went to the court to play badminton. We played badminton for 3 hours...and that explains why my arm is so sore.

I borrowed my cousin, Gerald's rollerblades (I have no idea why he bought such a big pair of rollerblades) and attempted to blade around the badminton court. Well, I did quite well, falling down only once and managed to blade a lil . Boy, I prefer ice skating more cuz the shoes are so much lighter. Lol, I didn't know that the blades can roll backwards so I was sliding backwards while stopping to rest and I had no idea how to stop it.

By the end of the day, I was worn out. I went to bed at 7 plus to 8 and slept all the way till 6 the next day. Boy, that was the first time I went to bed that early since I graduated from school. And this morning when I woke up, I couldn't function, probably because of over exercising and the stupid flu that was still with me.

I'm gonna exercise again this Sat, but not so tedious, just gonna play at Wild Wild Wet. Gee, I'm becoming darker and darker, soon I will look like a monkey...a really skinny one...and that is totally yucky.


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