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Tuesday, November 7, 2006 Y 6:09 AM

I have 6 free tickets to Sentosa!! Whopee, given to me by my colleagues whom have signed up for our company's family day. I'm just gonna use it on my cousins, to have fun and also celebrate Shawnie's bday. So all turns out well now that I have a venue which is free of charge to celebrate cuzz's bday.

I hate this week absolutely. Not that I hate the cafe but imagine, spending 2 full days at the cafe learning the ropes of operations just simply bored me. I'm an OT not a cafe supervisor and I'm no business man. In fact, figures and calculations bored me to death though I have no idea why I can mentally calculate real well till my friends say that I'm the walking calculator. It's simply boring to be just standing at the counter and serving people. That might work well when I was having a part time job when I'm younger but now that I'm older, I want more vigour in my job. Still, it's two days at the cafe nonetheless...and I shall grit my teeth and bear with it.

I'm gonna see Xiaowen and Ting on Friday! Most probably is to celebrate Xiaowen's pre ROM news. It's so nice to hear that your frens are getting married off happily. My sincere wishes to Xiaowen and Kris whom are getting married this year, a happy marriage and may you always be blissful. Please do not forget to hurry on the lil kids!!!

Life gets more meaningless as it nears the end of the year cuz you know time has passes so quickly and you regret at times that it wasn't used properly. But the truth is, time never stops and we should learn from mistakes and make use of our future time more wisely. I hope I'm doing that.

P.S: I'm so in synch with Denise Keller's Olay advertisment catch phrase...Now I Olay, do you olay too? That is some pinkish moisturizer that I seen my grandma and mother using when I was very very little....did the trend pass on? No it didn't, sad to say, but I Olay too just that mine is the whitish moisturizer...perhaps in many years time, my children will be the one saying that oh that's the Olay moisturizer that I saw my mama using when I was young. I missed the pinkish moisturizer used by granny and so I kept mine stored nicely and used it on my body when I feel like reminiscing of her.


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