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Sunday, November 26, 2006 Y 5:21 AM

I had a WET and WILD Saturday this weekend! Got 4 free tickets when I stayed over at Pasir Ris chalet and went there yesterday with my cousins. They came to stay overnight at my house on Friday night. As usual, with them around, I will end up sleeping real late cuz we will be having late night suppers and playing mahjong and watching vcds.

It was raining heavily when we reached Tampinines. Got drenched before we even got into the water in Wild Wild Wet. Luckily, the rain cleared up when we reached there so we had a jolly good time sliding down all the slides. Xiaohui was mortified by the Ular ride...the one where you go down in a group in a float. It was pretty scary when I first tried it but then I got addicted to it and I bugged them to do it again and again. Xiaohui cried and nearly fainted by the roller coasting on the slide LOL. So bad of us to actually make her do it again and again.

I didn't try the U mobile too...it's really steep and scary...I probably really will faint. I tried the other normal slide and the tunnel slide, as well as the Sky rider (where u ride in the sky on a bicycle), and the wave pool.

Spent there 2 hours plus before we left, as it was raining again. Went to watch Happy Feet after that. It' a really good show and you really ought to catch it if u like cartoons and animation. It was really funny!

Speaking of which, I watched Silent Hill at home yesterday with my cousins. It was really gory and sick. Yucks! Movies adapted from those video games are always so gory and sick, like Residential Evil (except Tomb Raider which isn't gory and sick). I wonder why ppl like playing gory and ugly video games. I suppose they get the hang from shooting and killing them.

I slept the whole day today...so tired from all the activities. Bleah, didn't get much done but oh well, there's 4 more weekends to enjoy before 2007, and then which I will feel I'm so inacccomplished this year. Sigh.


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