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Friday, November 17, 2006 Y 10:41 AM

The Great Expedition was today or rather yesterday evening (blogging at 2.31am in the morning as my hair is still wet from shower). As expected, ppl were dressed in casual wear like jeans and cargo pants. My table didn't go as Lara Croft or The Return of the Mummy. Due to costs constraints, we went as The Amazing Race instead. Of course, that simple dress up ain't going to kill anyone or get us a table price either. The point is, we still dressed up and have fun as a dept despite not winning anything.

There were Arabians and Red Indians in the D & D. As well as pirates too. The Red Indians won the best dressed table in the end. Poor Arabians that were wrapped up and covered from top to toe and had to struggle to have their food.

It was much more enjoyable than last year D & D where the games were boring and nothing was really entertaining...and I nearly tot of missing it this year as it was so boring last year. Well since tickets are free anyway, just went ahead to have some fun and it was great. They had funny performances, a good deejay, good music and alot of entertainment.

We had our D & D at Neptune Theatre this round, big place that is going to be demolish soon, so I guess it kinda marks it memorable. I drank alot and danced alot and ate alot and laugh alot. It is the most unglamourous D & D I went to with ppl in jeans and bermudas but it was a relaxing and fun one that I enjoyed myself.

Of course, not forgetting that I spent $15 for my top and $1.90 for the cute little pink cap that I wore to the D & D...and I'm simply in love with them cuz they are so cheap and yet so pretty!!!

Till then, let's c whether I will be around in IMH for the D & D next year.


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