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Sunday, October 1, 2006 Y 7:53 AM

We had a bridal shower on Friday for our boss, and for the first time in our life, we get to sabotage our boss for all our heart contents. Lol, that does not means I dislike my boss or watsoever, but who in the world gets to sabotage their boss? Bless me that we had a young boss whom is so kind and nice to let us do that.

We went to Waraku for dinner and made her do all sorts of things. Sing, dance, cosplay (dressed up as a Jap school girl) and walking around the whole restaurant to get signatures of wishes (Xw, if u are reading this, you will finally know what I did). Of course, we are not only nasty creatures who play and fool around only. We treated her to a sumptous dinner, made a video and sketch book for her, as well as a spa treat for both her husband and her. See, we are not so bad after all.

Which also means, those whom are getting married soon, just beware that you have such creative friends, especially OT friends that get married.

Went to work on Saturday alone and to face 8 patients by myself. Halfway through the session, Professor turned up and saved my day of being alone.

Went out with DeDe for ktv after that. We own the room and the mic cuz there were only 2 of us. Sing to all our heart contents. Didn't managed to talk much though cuz since there were both of us, it's either she is singing and I'm eating or I'm singing and she is eating, or we both were singing together. It's nice to have company to just hang out and do stuff like that.

Subsequently, I rushed off to Chinese Garden to meet my family members. The lanterns are not as nice as last year, except for some. This year, they show case the 7 wonders of the world. Plus some other insects and magical animals. Took lotsa photos but none with my own camera.

Cousins stayed over at my house as it was already very late when we went home. Played mahjong with them till 4am. I never have much luck with mahjong. I nv win much but good gracious that I'm not the one with the least amount of money either. It must be that my mahjong skills suck or luck is really down on me.

Went out to celebrate Xiaowen's birthday today, at Waraku again. This time round, I didn't sabotage anyone but we pamper Xw with gifts instead. After which, Cy accompanied me to buy an evening dress for my boss's wedding. Evening dresses are really expensive huh. And it's not like u wear it often. Finally, we found one white tube dress at Daniel Yam which Cy agrees that it looks the nicest among all that I've tried.

Thanks Cy. I nv have much interest in evening dresses so I really wouldn't know what to buy if you weren't around. I really like my dress but it also means I have to slim down a little too heh heh.

Oh yeah, I just rem, our classmate Changwei got married! Geez.....ppl who sign on are really rich. Can drive cars and get married so early. Wow, wedding bells ringing everywhere around me. You know what that means? It means I have to start saving money to give away. Lol, like how YL put it as, maybe we should start a wedding account, one that stores money to be given away for red packets. Wait a sec, I think he also mentioned that we should start a baby account too, one that saves money to give away for baby showers. Oh dear, oh dear, this is real scary.


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